Up Box 3D Printer – Bigger is Better


TierTime Up Box is a high end 3 printer that offers lots of attributes for the serious user, without a few of the more off putting aspects of other printers. The device has a specific layout which makes publishing more quiet and produces less of burning or the snacks, and a bigger print area than many 3D printers -plastic smell that additional 3 printers abandon hovering in the atmosphere. Additionally, it includes great software that’s user friendly. The UpBox does have some eccentricities, though: It struggled on some of our test images with a few of the depth, and the removable print bed might be awkward to replace.

A square box that’s over 19-inches wide and strong, and 21 inches high, the UpBox is definitely an imposing printer. With elements that are orange and a black-plastic outside, it looks like a sculpture that is modernist. That definitely fits in with the industrial way of publishing this device offers: The Up Box is about professional quality printing in quantity.

The case features one to the front and 2 doors: one on the top, providing access to the inside. A plastic panel that is tinted is included by the front door that allows for a view of the inside, but only if the LED lighting is turned on. On the right-side, the filament spool is covered by a round cell.

Most printers utilize metal printing mattress or a glass. The UpBox takes a different strategy, with a metal print mattress covered by a detachable linen of perforated plastic. Rather than having to eliminate a print from a fixed print bed inside the case, you can detach the board that is punctured after the print is finished, and after that remove the print from your board outside the printer. When replacing the printing bed, which we’ll detail below although we did operate into some problems the strategy works nicely. The solitary printhead of the Up Box is located on top of the case; when producing the print mattress rises up to meet it.

One definite plus here’s a HEPA air filter included in the situation, which cleans and recirculates the air inside the circumstance of the U pBox. This definitely helps to remove the smells frequently connected with 3D publishing: we-didn’t find any of popcorn aromas or the normal melting plastic from printing using PLA or ABS filament.

The UpBox can utilize any 1.75-mm filament on a conventional spool. There are no unique spools that restrict the substances you can use for printing or no processors. This implies it is possible to use the reinforced stuff (ABS, PLA) or test out the fresh filaments that are available these days to model materials.